Voting in Rockville

Elections for the Rockville Mayor and Council are non-partisan, that is, candidates are not identified with nor campaign as members of political parties. Residents who live within Rockville’s corporate limits and are registered to vote may vote in the City of Rockville election.

In 2019, the City of Rockville will introduce voting-by-mail, which allows voters to submit ballots up to 30 days in advance of Election Day (Tuesday, November 5).  Indeed, rethink Election Day as Election Month. There are no polling places; ballots must be mailed or delivered to City Hall.  The City is mailing several notices about this change to all households in Rockville but in brief, you must be registered to vote, which you can do at a library, post office, Department of Motor Vehicles office, Rockville City Hall, or by phone or by downloading a form (available in English and Spanish).

To vote in a City of Rockville election, you must:

  • Live in the City of Rockville (note that zip codes and postal addresses do not necessarily reflect the city boundaries; if you’re unsure, use the Rockville Address and Residency Check at the
  • Be eighteen (18) years of age on or before the date of any City election
  • Be “qualified to register as a voter at the next succeeding State or Congressional election” (this is a bit of legalese to align with state and federal voters registration requirements, in other words, you need to be a U. S. Citizen and not in prison for a felony; more at the Voting FAQs at Attorney General’s office).

Ballots will be mailed with a postage-paid envelope to every registered voter in Rockville the week of October 6.  Ballots must be received (not mailed, not postmarked) by the City of Rockville by Tuesday, November 5 at 8:00 p.m.  Don’t wait until the last week of October to mail your ballot—the post office can’t guarantee it will arrive on time.  Instead, head to City Hall and leave your ballot in the secure dropbox available 24/7.

Election results will be counted immediately after polls close. Unofficial results will be available on the City’s website (, aired on Rockville 11 (cable channel 11), posted on Facebook, Twitter, and at City Hall.

Newly elected officials will take the oath of office during the inauguration at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 17, at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Civic Center Park, 603 Edmonston Dr.; a reception will follow.

For more details, visit the Voting and Elections page on the City of Rockville website.