Clark Reed Appointed Chair of Team Rockville

Today, Team Rockville accepted the resignation of Max van Balgooy as chairman of our committee. As candidates we did not approve of his recent personal blog post concerning Beryl Feinberg that was inconsistent with the values of Team Rockville. Although she had poor judgement when using a photo without consent for a paid political advertisement, we condemn the insinuations of insensitivity around diversity and inclusion.

Clark Reed is now officially the chairman of the Team Rockville committee. Team Rockville’s candidates will continue to dedicate ourselves to working toward our vision of a city with affordable housing, good jobs, safe schools, and a government that is inclusive and achieves equity.

Clark Reed’s Vision for Rockville is Vibrant, Sustainable, and Bold

Clark Reed

The King Farm Candidate Forum last Tuesday was the last public opportunity that candidates for Rockville Mayor and Council could share their vision for Rockville and why they deserve your vote on Tuesday, November 3.  We’ll be sharing our closing statements as a series, starting with Clark Reed:

Tonight is the last debate of this election. I hope six debates have given you the information you need to confidently cast your ballots on November 3rd.

How will you choose amongst us?

I have heard from those who have watched prior debates remark that we have perhaps bored you by providing too much detail about past accomplishments. Okay, fair enough!

A successful track record is an important component but it’s not the only quality that makes a good candidate. Let me tell you what else counts.

Vision and character count, too.

When I listen to the other candidates, I hear some proudly boast that they have no agenda. Well that’s a copout. If a candidate truly has no agenda, then Continue reading “Clark Reed’s Vision for Rockville is Vibrant, Sustainable, and Bold”