Dear King Farm Neighbor

As a father of two young boys, I can confidently say that we have a choice in this election. Two candidates, James Hedrick and David Myles, have young children themselves and will truly fight for King Farm’s many young families. Cynthia Cotte Griffiths, who has two boys—the youngest recently graduated high school—has years of educational leadership experience, including as President of the Richard Montgomery High School’s PTSA.

We are also proud of our diversity in Rockville and in King Farm.  Our diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives enrich our city.  If elected, Virginia Onley would be our City’s first African American mayor and would bring her extensive experience as a current City Council member and as a leader in the private sector.  Her advocacy of affordable housing will ensure that we have a city where teachers, retail workers, young professionals, and police officers can afford to live where they work.

Last but not least, Mark Pierzchala will bring his years of institutional knowledge and experience as a City Council member. Mark has fought for a fiscally responsible city and has also been the driving force on the Council to find a suitable adaptive use for King Farm Farmstead.

I want my two young boys to grow up well-educated in a city where their bi-racial background and multicultural heritage are part of a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community, where they will find good jobs and affordable housing when they grow up.

For all these reasons, I support Team Rockville as the team that has the vision, leadership, and values to ensure that Rockville is the ideal place to live, work, and play for generations to come.


John Chu

King Farm Neighbor

The last candidate forum will be hosted at the King Farm Community Center today, October 23 from 6-8 pm

Greater Greater Washington Moves with Team Rockville

Greater Greater Washington,  a nonprofit organization that brings people together for an inclusive, diverse, growing Washington, DC region, has endorsed all five candidates of Team Rockville. Recognizing that there are two competing visions for Rockville’s future, Team Rockville’s acknowledgement of the need for housing affordability and Vision Zero policies attracted Greater Greater Washington’s attention and their conclusion that “Rockville should move ahead with Team Rockville.”

Team Rockville will work to foster growth around our metro corridors, oppose plans to widen I-270, and promote housing affordability within Rockville. Virginia OnleyJames HedrickMark PierzchalaCynthia Cotte Griffiths, and David Myles will bring an urbanist future for Rockville and we urge City of Rockville residents to vote for them on November 5.

For the detailed endorsement, read “In Rockville, Pro-Affordable Housing and Anti-Development Slates Battle for the City Council.”

Team Rockville’s Wide-Ranging Endorsements

We are honored by the many endorsements we’ve received during this election, especially because they represent both organizations and community leaders who have demonstrated their interest in the future of Rockville.

Organizations that have endorsed the every candidate in Team Rockville include the Action Committee for Transit and the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats.

Community leaders that have endorsed every candidate in Team Rockville include:

  • John Chu, King Farm resident
  • Susan Hoffman, former Rockville Mayor
  • Will Jawando, Montgomery County Council At-Large
  • Tom Moore, former Rockville City Councilmember
  • Julie Palakovich Carr, Maryland State Assembly, District 17
  • Vaughn Stewart, Maryland State Assembly, District 19
  • Sima Osdoby, former Rockville Mayoral Candidate 
  • Judge Chung Pak, retired Administrative Patent Judge at the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Ben Shnider, former Montgomery County Council Candidate, District 3
  • Steve Silverman, former Montgomery County Council President and Director of the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development.

Organizations that have endorsed individual candidates in Team Rockville include:

David Myles: CASA in Action, New Politics

James Hedrick: CASA in Action, Progressive Maryland, Our Revolution, Run for Something

Virginia Onley: Our Revolution, Progressive Maryland, CASA in Action

Thanks again for everyone’s support during this tough election and please encourage your friends and neighbors to mail their ballot well before the November 5 deadline (postmarks do NOT count!).

Cynthia Cotte Griffiths on Everyone Is Responsible for Street Safety

Pedestrian and cyclist safety is going in the wrong direction. Maryland is one of 25 states to experience year-over-year increases in accidents and pedestrian deaths increased 25% in the last year.

Montgomery County and Rockville both adopted Vision Zero initiatives and Maryland followed last year. However, the devil is in the details. This means that even though all of our jurisdictions have agreed to work toward zero driver, pedestrian, and cyclist deaths, the actual action items and implementation will take more time and effort to complete than realized.

Montgomery County adopted a Vision Zero traffic safety initiative in February 2016 to eliminate pedestrian fatalities by 2030. A two-year action plan was implemented in November 2017 and half of the 41 items outlined are behind schedule or haven’t started, and a separate 10-year action plan hasn’t been touched.

Meanwhile, Rockville city staff have been working with the Rockville Traffic and Transportation Commission and other interested bodies to formulate the city’s action plan that is basically modeled after the County’s plan. Rockville was built as a suburb with car-oriented major thoroughfares designed to move traffic. As our city has grown to include more walkable neighborhoods, we must redesign to actually make the streets safe for walking and biking. This is called creating “complete streets.”

This decorative fence in the median keeps pedestrians from jay-walking on busy Park Road.

Vision Zero primarily makes sure our streets are engineered to be safe so that even if you make a mistake while driving, walking, or biking, you don’t die from that mistake. An example is the black fence on Park Road by the Rockville Metro station that prevents people from jay-walking across the street. Vehicles making left turns are the most deadly. An action as simple as adding rubber bumps along center lines forces vehicles to slow down because they have to make a sharper left turn. Installing flashing yellow lights when vehicles are permitted to make a left turn on green has also proved effective.

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Action Committee for Transit endorses Team Rockville

Montgomery County’s Advocates for Better Transportation

Team Rockville cares about expanding transit options, reducing traffic, and protecting neighborhoods from harmful development so we’re pleased our hard work in this area has been recognized by the Action Committee for Transit with this endorsement:

The Action Committee for Transit endorses the Team Rockville slate for Rockville City Council. Team Rockville is committed to stopping the destructive plan to widen I-270, to making lively, walkable mixed-use neighborhoods flourish around the city’s Metro stations, and to increasing the supply of affordable housing for Rockville tenants.

The two current council members on the slate have shown their commitment to a better Rockville. Town center resident Virginia Onley, the slate’s mayoral candidate, has worked hard to make downtown Rockville thrive. Mark Pierzchala initiated the citizen movement against the I-270 widening. They are joined by three first-time candidates: James Hendrick, who has a particularly far-seeing urbanist vision, Cynthia Cotte Griffiths, and David Myles.

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Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats Endorses Team Rockville

Yesterday, the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland (CAPAD-MD) and its regional organization, Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Montgomery County (CAPAD-MC), endorsed the members of Team Rockville in the Rockville Municipal election:

In their endorsement, CAPAD-MD and CAPAD-MC stated that they recognized our

commitment and proactive stance to promote diversity and fairness, recognize the special needs of multi-cultural communities, and support economic empowerment for minority communities and the community at large.  CAPAD-MD and CAPAD-MC also believe that your vision and actions would help improve Montgomery County’s and Rockville’s economic position, address and integrate the special needs of our immigrant communities, support minority small businesses, and continue to make Maryland, Montgomery County and Rockville one of the best places to live for working families. Once again congratulations.

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How Vote-By-Mail Works in Rockville

Team Rockville candidates explain how vote-by-mail works in Rockville in this short YouTube video. Remember, election day is now election month starting in early October when you receive your ballot by mail and ends when the City of Rockville receives your ballot by 8:00 p.m. on November 5, 2019. Postmarks do not count.

To receive a ballot automatically by mail, be sure you’re registered by September 20. After that, you’ll need to register in person at City Hall (you can even register and vote the same day on November 5). More information about voting is available at the City of Rockville.