Greater Greater Washington Moves with Team Rockville

Greater Greater Washington,  a nonprofit organization that brings people together for an inclusive, diverse, growing Washington, DC region, has endorsed all five candidates of Team Rockville. Recognizing that there are two competing visions for Rockville’s future, Team Rockville’s acknowledgement of the need for housing affordability and Vision Zero policies attracted Greater Greater Washington’s attention and their conclusion that “Rockville should move ahead with Team Rockville.”

Team Rockville will work to foster growth around our metro corridors, oppose plans to widen I-270, and promote housing affordability within Rockville. Virginia OnleyJames HedrickMark PierzchalaCynthia Cotte Griffiths, and David Myles will bring an urbanist future for Rockville and we urge City of Rockville residents to vote for them on November 5.

For the detailed endorsement, read “In Rockville, Pro-Affordable Housing and Anti-Development Slates Battle for the City Council.”