Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats Endorses Team Rockville

Yesterday, the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland (CAPAD-MD) and its regional organization, Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Montgomery County (CAPAD-MC), endorsed the members of Team Rockville in the Rockville Municipal election:

In their endorsement, CAPAD-MD and CAPAD-MC stated that they recognized our

commitment and proactive stance to promote diversity and fairness, recognize the special needs of multi-cultural communities, and support economic empowerment for minority communities and the community at large.  CAPAD-MD and CAPAD-MC also believe that your vision and actions would help improve Montgomery County’s and Rockville’s economic position, address and integrate the special needs of our immigrant communities, support minority small businesses, and continue to make Maryland, Montgomery County and Rockville one of the best places to live for working families. Once again congratulations.

Established in 1998, the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats of Maryland (CAPAD-MD), including its regional organizations (e.g., CAPAD-MC), is the first Asian American and Pacific Islander Democratic Organization whose charter is recognized by the State of Maryland’s Democratic Party and MCDCC.  CAPAD-MD’s mission is to help promote, support, and advance the interests of the Democratic Party in Maryland by conducting activities and programs to encourage and promote the education and participation of primarily Asian Pacific Americans in the affairs, activities, programs, and endeavors of the Democratic Party.   

CAPAD-MD’s leadership is composed of a representative group of top community leaders across the diverse Asian-Pacific American and other ethnic communities in the State of Maryland and Greater Washington DC area, who serve as critical liaisons to respective multiplier community and grassroots organizations.

Team Rockville is incredibly proud of this endorsement and that they support our honest and deep values of welcoming and including everyone in the community. We don’t play favorites.