Team Rockville to Announce its Candidates for Mayor and Council

Team Rockville will announce its candidates for Mayor and Council on Saturday, June 1 in the Twinbrook neighborhood of Rockville. Team Rockville recognizes that Rockville is a great place to live, work, learn, and play. But there is so much more we can do!

Our priorities are:

Create a Vibrant Rockville for Everyone A prosperous Rockville grows our tax base, maintains excellent services, provides more resources to pay for school construction, and continues programs for families and seniors. We will focus growth near Metro and transit centers.

Protect our Diverse Neighborhoods Allowing residential development near Metro removes incentives for ad-hoc boarding houses that plague some of our neighborhoods. We will work to revitalize deteriorating retail centers so that they add value to the community.

Make Rockville work for Everyone Team Rockville will work to include people from all communities in boards, commissions, and staff. Team Rockville will emphasize policing that works with all communities and stays focused on City issues.

Save Town Center Team Rockville will honestly address fundamental issues that prevent Town Center from succeeding. The Town Center master plan and zoning can be improved, and we should embrace the proximity to Metro and allow a density that more effectively supports businesses.

Team Rockville Makes it Work! We do our homework and work for the City’s future. Team Rockville’s elected officials have governed sensibly and have kept a careful eye on your tax dollars!

It’s all about our Children! This year’s Team Rockville members have children from less than one year in age, to preschool, to high school, to young adults, and to grandchildren. We work for all our children before school, in school, and for when they become adults.

The members of Team Rockville will work collegially and respectfully with residents, businesses, and city staff to seek fact-based solutions that work for the entire community. We will make decisions with an eye on Rockville’s future as well as its present.