Sima Osdoby Says It’s Time to Stop Saying “No” and to Take Charge of Our Future

KatzOsdoby-67The King Farm Candidate Forum last Tuesday was the last public opportunity that candidates for Rockville Mayor and Council could share their vision for Rockville and why they deserve your vote on Tuesday, November 3.  We’ll be sharing our closing statements as a series, concluding with Sima Osdoby, candidate for Mayor:

Bridget Newton says she serves on other organizations to represent the interests of Rockville.

Well, then that is just fine, but I don’t know what she was doing in Annapolis on February 26, 2015 at a hearing on state legislation the city considered a priority. The Mayor and Council had voted to oppose proposed changes to the state ethics law (Mayor & Council minutes, Item 16, 6/23/14; Video: Bridget Newton would have been expected to present that viewpoint in Annapolis. Three days before, she informed the Council that she would not “be available to testify on behalf of Rockville.”

Another Council member went instead, only to find Bridget Newton there after all! But the Rockville Mayor in fact testified AGAINST the City’s position on behalf of another organization (caught on video: at 00.56.15). Not only did Bridget Newton fail to represent her own city, but she never informed her colleagues she would testify AGAINST the City’s position—an erosion of trust and responsibility.

I’ve enjoyed serving my New Mark Commons neighborhood and the Rockville community for 35 years. I’ve help reform elections, protect neighborhoods, and preserve our heritage through leadership in Peerless Rockville. I want to stay here.

Rockville is at a critical point. We need new leadership to end stalemate and division, and act to serve the interests of the entire community.

In the face of changes all around us, we must take charge to navigate into the future and preserve our outstanding services and excellent quality of life.

We must respect the time and input of hundreds of Rockvillians, break the deadlock and pass a Rockville Pike Plan that is transit oriented, reduces traffic congestion, maintains our commercial tax base—and works for Rockville.

I have the proven track record to forge the consensus needed for us to agree on what we want to reinvigorate the Pike, the Town Center, and our fragile neighborhood centers; to ensure our kids get the best possible education and that our neighborhoods are safe, diverse, and well served.

It’s time to stop saying “no” and to take charge of our future. Vote for me and all of Team Rockville to get it done.

Thank you!